Statement Summer Hats

In the special edition, diverse hats would be involved in, like floppy hats, pincushion hats, straw hats, pillbox hats, etc. It seems that floppy hats are similar to wide-brim hats to a great extent. The difference between them consists in the flexibility of the brim. A wonderful floppy hat gives people more controls to manipulate the visibility when needed. Perhaps such a performance is perfect for ideal photos. A load of wide-brim floppy hats in pastels caught much attention from the public in the season. On runways of some big-label brands, some interesting hats are shown. Micahel Kors also displayed floral floppy hats unabashedly.

For decades, pincushion hats have going beyond sight of the public. Such pincushion hats are just like those coming out of dream. The simple and cartoon-like hats were captivating. Some summer hats are designed not only as something protective, but also an article that catches attention and create an ensemble. All those statement hats will undermine the grandness of spectacular headpieces. In 2019, two exaggerated and incredible hats look like thimble on the slicked hair. One oversized hats designed by Valentino looked like the love child of hay, straw and feathers. In the upcoming season, Louis Vuitton have showed off statement headpieces in an interesting shape.

Similar to a staple of the spring and summer hat trends, straw hats in the season are also printed with floral and other style patterns. Although it is interesting to figure out origins of inspirations in the upcoming year, some straw or straw-like hats occupied the focus center have been around. Those hats are also well-liked ones among diverse new-ins. Two big-label brands like Valentino and Chanel also showed off their iterations of the classic. Such hats have incorporated a new style into the fold. Compared with pincushion hats and boater hats, straw hats appeared to be comparable light accessories for warmer and brighter months.

Pillbox hats are also great choices in the upcoming spring/summer 2019 hat trends. Such sparkling designs are not overwhelming but enough to top an outfit and complete a look. Different with normal pillbox hats, they were all modified in style. All those hats sit on heads securely with the assistance of a thin headband. When it refers to helmets or swimming caps, perhaps a fashion-forward individual channeling Amelia Earhart would wear. To a certain extent, several headpieces displayed by Maison Margiela are extremely similar to leather helmets. Among diverse options of headpieces, including patent leather, the kind of hats affected the spring/summer 2019 hat trends.

A wonderful white and black layered leather swim cap appeared on the runway of Mary Katrantzou. The most obvious highlight is the alternating-layered scalloped edge, which also formed striking pattern along the chin strap. A weird textured see-through bonnet appeared on the runway of Mary Katrantzou, too.

All above headpieces in the post could be taken as great choices in spring and summer of 2019. After skim through all guidance, it’s easier to jump on the bondwagon.


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